Extravaganza Excitement

This weekend Beavertown will be throwing a massive party to celebrate all things beer – The Print Works, London, will host not only Beavertown but over 70 of their brewing friends on Friday 8th & Saturday 9th for all of us ticket holders to enjoy! The Print Works will be new to me, but the footage of the build-up has me believe it could be an incredible venue for a beer festival – a large space with separate rooms, complemented by the interesting features from its previous life as a print factory. Alongside the vast amount of beer on offer there’ll be a food hall curated by Kerb, with a host of street food to line your stomachs – and if you want to geek out, Good Beer Hunting will be holding talks on everything to do with the industry all day long! All 77 breweries will be pouring two “peak condition” beers at a time which will rotate through the day, and there are some real treats in the line-up; Beavertown’s Heavy Lord in cask is one of many I’m looking forward to trying on Saturday!

Last week Beavertown released in depth event information, covering everything from checking in, breaking your glass, to the very extensive spreadsheet list of beers – I have dropped the links to these below. If you are making it to the event, enjoy!

The Beer List:


More Information from Beavertown:



Cheers, Brett.

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