DEYA Brewing – Q&A with Theo

DEYA BREWING first came to my attention when I stumbled across them on Instagram; I was immediately taken with their artwork, fresh and hazy looking beers & their all-round approach. I kept tabs on them for some time before recommending my mate Chris over at Crafted Crate to get them in (mainly so I could get my hands on some of their big old cans!).  I got in touch with Theo from DEYA to see if he’d be up for answering a few questions to give an insight into what DEYA are all about.

DEYA are based in Cheltenham, and though their brewery’s not yet a year old they definitely seem to be on the path to making it a great success. DEYA have onsite sales from their tap room, open each Friday from 4-9pm, with additional events on the weekend – so check their website for updates if you’re nearby and go get some brewery fresh beers!

Hey! You guys are pretty new to the beer world how’s it all going for you?

We are! Really well thank you, we are still only 7 months into brewing at our brewery (I was gipsy brewing small quantities under DEYA before that though). It has been a great year so far, lots of challenges but we have been really happy with our progress so far. So much to look forward to next year!

Can you tell us a little about what inspired DEYA & how you got it all off the ground?

Sure, I decided pretty early on in my interaction with beer that I wanted to start a brewery. I started home brewing when I was at university and was pretty much set on opening a brewery from then. DEYA is inspired by creating excellent beer and sharing it with people. We want to make beer we are truly proud of and be an amazing company to work for.

I got the company off the ground through learning how to brew – I studied the masters course in Brewing and Distilling at Heriot-Watt and worked at 3 different breweries as a brewer. I got my beer to a point where I thought I was ready to open and then took the plunge!

Did you face many challenges during the set-up of the business & the first few brew days?

There are a lot of challenges with starting the brewery! A lot of them was me overseeing the install – getting the tanks off the lorries was stressful!! Yeah first brews were tough but you try and put as much thought into it as possible and pre-empt all different scenarios. It was so exciting to be brewing to be honest. Dialling beers in and making incremental changes to improve has been one of the most satisfying things. We are incredibly lucky to have really good brew kit – it’s a pleasure to brew on. (10bbl brew kit with 4x FV and 4x CT).

I was really taken with your art work as well as the big boy cans! What gave you the inspiration to use bigger cans as standard & the colourful standout art work?

Thanks! The art work is all done by our amazing friend Thom Hobson. We work very closely together on everything – I will have a name and a design concept and he then brings it to life. On the tallboys, it just had to be done! I like the look, the feel and of course the breweries in the States who we take a lot of inspiration from are doing it. Also, we don’t have any packaging equipment so mobile canning is one of our only realistic solutions for small pack. The fact that cans are light and easily transportable is a massive bonus – plus they block out light. Overall we love the package.

You’ve taken the approach to make the majority of your beers with a lot of juicy, haze like characteristics – where did those ideas come from? (I think it’s great!)

Yes, for our hoppy beers we are trying to develop a house style – our focus is on extracting as much aroma and flavour as possible and in improving our process the whole time – we concern ourselves with mouthfeel, softness, yeast character/esters, water profile, low bitterness, intense aroma and hop saturation. It’s all palette driven – these are the beers which get us excited and that we want to drink. In addition, we have brewed some big stouts and kettle soured beers – it is fun to play around with a spectrum of different flavours and push what interests us.

You’ve got a few beers which I’m sure you are proud of in different ways but if you had to pick out the one that gives you strong sense of pride / achievement which one would it be?

Our pale ale Steady Rolling Man. It’s a beer we have thought about so much and now brewed a fair bit. It’s really soft and elegant, has a chewy mouthfeel and gorgeous hop aroma. It’s the beer I want to drink everyday!

How can beer lovers get hold of some of your fresh beer?

The best place is our taproom which is open every Friday evening. We also sell directly to Cheltenham and we have a good presence in the local market. Further afield, we work with distributors who have quite a big reach. If you contact the brewery we will point you in the right direction!

Last question but certainly not the least! What would you name amongst the best beers you’ve had in 2016? Hard one I know!

V3 and V8 from Cloudwater were outstanding IMO. I had Yellow Belly last week as well so that is fresh in the mind and was damn tasty!

Cheers to Theo for sending me over a couple of Steady Rollers to give a try. I cracked one open while sorting out these questions Theo kindly took the time out to answer. Steady Rolling Man is a soft, delicate American Pale Ale. I did not get much aroma from it but on the taste its good big handfuls of tropical fruits & pratically no bitterness. I’ve not managed to try any New England pales from across the pond but i’ve heard this is not far behind them! Looking forward to giving the second can a whirl. Cheers & Merry Christmas! B

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