Brews News #1

As there’s always exciting stuff going on in the beer world i thought i’d try and do a slightly more regular, informative post – kinda like the news, but more fun because it revolves around beer and not Donald Trump or why another England manager has left, like the smart fella Big Sam! So, whats going on with beer…

#CraftBeerHour hits a 100!

Recently i had the pleasure of spending the day with #CraftBeerHour Tom at Siren (the guy on the left below) and for those of you wondering what the heck that hashtag is, well, its a weekly twitter hour where a brewery will be lined up to take over the feed and get involved.  This week was its 100th show and BrewDog were on hand to be quizzed. For a Hashtag started by Tom as a way for him to learn more about beer, the amount of participants each Tuesday at 9pm is massive and its always good fun! Happy 100th show #CraftBeerHour. If you wanna see what its all about check out the twitter page here.


The Left Handed Giants take over the taps

The Brighton Bier Dispensary are welcoming Bristols Left Handed Giant to come and take over their taps and hang out in Brighton today, Thursday 29th September. I recently visited Bristol and had the pleasure of hanging out with these guys in their brewery, their set up is cool – think industrial estate ping pong, fork lift basketball and some lovely beers, yep thats Left Handed Giant. They’ll have 8 beers on at the BBD and be around for a chat.

Bison Beer x Arundel Brewery

Last weekend saw the Bisons release their Little Beast; a table / session pale which is in the development stage – they wanna perfect it and get the Little Beast as good as it can be with help from you feedback – I thought it could do with being a little less bitter and pack some more fruit flavours in there.  This weekend sees the return of their collaboration double IPA Dirty Rascal. It’s V2 so expect some little changes, it may no longer be fined and actually have that “haze”. You can find it in both The Bison Shop and Arundel’s brewery shop. Saturday (1st October) also sees the arrival of Arundel’s Big Love, a vegan and gluten free Raspberry Wheat beer with a limited run, so catch it while you can!

The weekend is nearly upon us, with some great events lined up –  Rainbow Project beers on tap, Beer festival, brewery launch and beer releases – if you don’t like beer this weekends not for you!

North Laine Brew Co

The North Laines Brewhouse is holding a launch party to celebrate the opening of its newly built six-five hectolitre brewery nestled in the South Downs and will be showcasing 5 news beers from 6pm on Friday (30th September). They are offering up pints for £3 a go with free entry; so if you’re looking for some music, cheap beers and to find out about the new set up, you know where to go…Here!

Hanover Beer Festival

The 29th Hanover Beer Festival kicks off Friday 30th September & the barrels stop pouring on Saturday 1st September, not the longest of beers festivals but plenty of time to fill your boots with some real cask ale. There are a couple of tickets left for the Saturday session but that’s your lot. It’s held in a small venue, but from what i remember of last year (not very much!) they managed to get a good selection of beer in, with food offerings as well as ciders for those non beer drinking friends. I’m heading up on the Friday night, so come have a beer! More information can be found here.

Rainbows on the Sussex Downs

The fine pub that is The Shepard & Dog have managed to get their beery mits on all but one of the Rainbow Project 2016 beers for this weekend. No luck in getting their hands on the Beavertown x Parrotdog collab, but fear not – all the others will be pouring until they run dry, but be quick as i can’t seen them lasting long. I’d recommend the Burning Sky x Liberty Brewing one for sure, just picked up a bottle myself after trying it at Siren the other weekend.

Now, some actual sad news, but thankfully beer has come to the rescue..

Over the summer holidays a special needs school in Brighton that my partner works at was robbed (on more than one occasion) for its bikes, bikes they had worked hard to get and the kids really valued. After going along on #Bison2Bristol and finding out the news mid trip, an idea was hatched – a movie night with some new beer and snacks whilst making some cash to get those kids their wheels back!  Check out the link below for a movie night where you can sip on some beer, brewed with Good Chemistry at the end of the bike ride, eat snacks by 64 degrees and get a preview of the bike ride video; its well worth a watch and you might see Josh falling off his bike after being distracted by something ridiculous! You can read what the Argus had to say about it here and grab your tickets for Saturday 15th September over here!


Brews News Banging Brew: Omnipollo – Fatamorgana

I’m a big fan of Omnipollo and even with its hefty price tag i had to give it a go, simple yet awesome design as always and just by looking through the bottle seems like its going to be a hazy number. It’s a double IPA coming in at 8% and as merky as some of those New England IPA I see in envy on social media! Thick Oranges & Mango running through it, the juice covers up that 8% abv. Great job again Omnipollo, I’d like to see this in a big bottle or can please!


Enjoy the weekend and new brews, until next time, cheers!

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