Double DIPA

Tonight was a good night, I know what you are thinking, it’s Monday what’s he on? Well, while picking out a beer I had a little move around and what’s that sitting at the back… Cloudwaters v2! I was already planning on having a bottle of v3 so, I’ve gone for it, double DIPA. 

Somehow, these two beers gained so much hype, maybe the most any beers have in recent times, but they’ve got things down to a tee. Social media presence, check. Design, check and most of all they make top class beer. I’ve rarely had a cloudwater I was not impressed by and their movement with seasons is brilliant. I like that they don’t continue to brew the same thing, while it is a little sad we won’t see some of their brews again it’s at the same time exciting and interesting to know that they will always be thinking forward and creating new ones – like the v4 and 5 which I’m looking forward to! 

So, the V beers… 

V2… It’s a little aged now and not as much on the nose as I remember but the taste is still there, lots of hops, bitterness and that dryness I recall. Still fantastic which I’m a little surprised about as it’s certainly not fresh anymore. 

v3… That hazy hotel breakfast juice colour with a little fruit on the nose. It’s still got the tropical fruityness going on which made it such an easy drinker but it’s not as prominent any more, very slight bitterness coming through. Still edges it for me and comes out on top! 

So then, I thought I’d be stupid not to blend them.. What could go wrong? I gave it a 50/50 of each, roughly about half a pint. It stayed that hazy orange, smells of bitter fruits and for me, balanced very well. You get good bitter dry flavours from the v2 while getting the juicy hops outta the v3. I’d have kicked myself if I did not mix them up – if you’ve got them laying around do it, it will brighten up your day! 

Cheers guys, catch you soon. 

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