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Its been sometime since I’ve managed to write a post. A mixture of being a busy bee and this website getting a make over – its still a work in progress and not all functioning how it should be but its getting there. I’m no website wiz but if you’ve got any suggestions or img_8609ideas I’m more than happy to hear em! I can’t take credit for the make over and its only right to give a shout out to my good friend Tim who has been helping me get this together, so if you are ever looking for a graphic designer wiz he’s your man and can be found here!

Now onto the beer, big beers. I’d seen that Founders new edition of KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) had been brewed and resting in bourbon barrels for a year. It was now on the move, normally, this kinda stuff you are only getting online! However, this KBS edition was heading to Brighton and Bison style – these guys had managed to find a case and kindly shifted one aside for me to nab, I’ve never managed to try any of the previously brewed KBS so I was not gunna be missing this! I always say to myself en route to a bottle shop thats all I’m getting, I’ve got enough beer, never works out that way and we all know I left with more than just the KBS.

Founders KBS gets 100/100 on ratebeer.com and I later found out the second beer I took away also gets a 100/100 on ratebeer, big player beers. Fresh off the devliery truck a bottle of Black Malts & Body Salts by To Øl – these guys make some outstanding beers and their artwork is an eye catching master piece each time.

So last brought and first up to be drank, I went in with the Black Malts and Body Salts. I’d actually not heard of this brew but when in the shop it was in the pile of newly delivered beers and after seeing the artwork on the label alone, it was sold! The bottle tells me I’m gunna be getting a Black Imperial IPA brewed with coffee. Turns out the coffee used is
French pressed as well as some salt thrown in. It pours dark dark brown, almost black with a tan head which does not hang around for too long. Considering the 9.9% booze level I was thinking it might give me a kick in the face, however it is fairly easy drinking. Well roasted, coffee and salt giving it a dry crisp finish. Pleases my taste buds but, it might not be for everyone! I did start to think it should feel thicker, more luxurious but then I remember it’s a black IPA and a mighty fine black IPA at that – good job To Øl, I’ll be going back for another I’m sure.

img_8616 img_8617 img_8623

Next, the Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout. This beer is only brewed once annually. Supply of it in the UK is short, both online and in bottle shops. If you find it, I’d say grab it and don’t think twice. It pours a jet black with a large tanned head which lingers around for a while. This is a boozy stout, holds more booze than the To Øl beer but it’s not overpowering, you get big hits of coffee, chocolate and roasted flavours. It warms your throat on the way down and that’s gotta be something to do with spending a year chilling out in a bourbon barrel, ageing away. It’s indulgent and delicious, my kind of pudding this.

Right, I’m off to give the liver a rest in preparation for a trip to Bermondsey this Saturday to check out the beer mile with a couple of guys – its been planned for sometime so lets hope for some top outside beer drinking weather!

Cheers guys and happy beering.

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