Easter Weekend beers! 

Easter Weekend is pretty much here and Brighton has got some fun in store! I’ll certainly be popping out for a beer or two over the weekend, see below what Brighton has got going on. I’ve not had a chance to write up much beer related stuff recently so I thought I’d throw up a couple of highlights I’ve had, so many good beers popping up and I’ve just managed to get my hands on some sweet Bloodly ‘Ell from Beavertown!

What have I been drinking? 

Beavertown: Spresso – A jet black stout collab with coffee roasters Caravan. Spresso is loaded with coffee, roasted malts and bitterness a lovely brew coming in at 9.5% but it’s booze is hidden behind the intense coffee flavours, could replace your morning caffeine hit.

Blind Side Brewing: Tree Blood – These guys are two home brewers from Brighton who love to experiment. This is a double IPA primed with maple syrup and I was stoked to be given a bottle, thanks Matt! It sure is bitter, but nothing wrong with that and the maple syrup comes right through, great idea! Maybe they’ll get selling it soon?

Brewdog: Monk Hammer – Jack hammer visited Belgium and got hit with some new yeast creating Monk Hammer. Bitter grapefruit with the Belgium yeast funk coming through. A good beer and nice mix up of the Orginal Hammer, I think I prefer the Jack Hammer though, not a big Belgium yeast fan, that could be why I prefer the original but both top notch beers. Let’s see what the rest of the Hammer series has got to offer.


Easter weekend in Brighton has some fun lined up…

Friday sees a return of Viva La Hop at Dead Wax Social for the bank holiday weekend, with beers from two tribes, Bison and plenty more I’m sure, along with vinyl spinning put together by  The Beer Collective guys. For the deets have a look here

Sunday sees Bison Beer turn 1 year old, it doesn’t seem all that long ago they popped up in East Street with their growlers, but in a year they’ve got beer out the door and started work on a pub! Sunday they are having a birthday bash and it’s going to be a Bloody ‘Ell extravaganza with the blood orange IPA on tap and flying around in cans! GO GO GO!

Happy Birthday Bison! 

Cheers and have a top bank holiday weekend!

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  1. Alec Latham says:

    I found that ‘Spresso really belies its alcoholic strength too. I’d like to see a shelf stocked just with Bloody ‘Ell and ‘Spresso just for the skulls. Earlier artwork included the jawbones but the artist has commited to doing them without now.

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