Flank at Silo

Brighton has a lot of choice and variety for eating out and enjoying some top class grub. I had not had the chance to get down to visit Tom Giffiths pop up Flank which is housed within The Royal Sovereign, a pub recently refurbished and found down Preston Street. Flank focuses on a nose to tail style of cooking and no part of food goes to waste as I learnt on Sunday night when I went along to Silo, who also have a very similar ethos to Flank. Silo also have an attitude to have things grown and made in house, ale in the basement, milling and baking bread with an interesting and changeable menu.

Sunday night came around after a lot of walking around Brighton so I was ready for a sit down, beer and some lovely food. Things kicked off at 7, we arrived to a warm and busy Silo. Our costs were taken and we were shown to our seats, just behind the pass. The guests at the pass had a great view of all the prep work and plating up by the combination team of Flank & Silo working hard to get out dishes to a full Silo. After a bit of a wait, we were offered drinks, I of course went for the in house Winter Ale, Brewed downstairs served in a reused jar, which is an aspect I like of Silo reusing items as such as jars for glassware. The winter ale was a malty beer with a little hop character slightly thin but for something that was Brewed small scale and in house a good beer, my counter part went for an Ebulis – a elderflower bubbly, light, delicate and refreshing. Along with the drinks we were also served some bread and butter, both made in house and the butter was outstanding, I’m a sucker for salt and the butter had a lovely helping of salt as well as a fantastic texture.

Now, I could run you through each of the 7 dishes but my words would do them no justice. All 7 were interestingly fantastic and well presented all the way through. The Dexter short rib cooked for 36 hours, was my personal highlight of the night. Flank is famous in Brighton for their Dexter and seems to be a favourite on the menu and now I can see why. The Dexter short rib has some lovely marbling running through it, melts in the mouth and is by far one of the best cuts of beef I’ve had in a long time! Another dish that impressed me was the first, fermented then pickled black carrots with cured duck ham finished with a quail egg. The carrots were dark purple, almost black, had strong flavour coming through, almost a little meaty? Paired with the warm egg and cured duck ham was a lovely first dish and certainly got me buzzing for what the rest of the meal had in store! Below is the menu as like I say running through each dish is not my style, my words won’t do them justice!


Fermentated Carrots, Duck ham & quaill egg


Cauiliflower 3 ways.

For me, the food was fantastic and I’d recommend  both Flank & Silo to anyone I meet looking for a meal full of love, time and effort. I felt at times the waiting staff did not do the night justice, we had very long waits between drinks, our plates often got left on our table way after others had been cleared and some staff could not answer questions regarding food / drink this being said it was a special one off night so things like this happen and two teams working together will cause issues at times. That being my only constructive criticism of the night I throughly enjoyed the venue, food and atmosphere within Silo on Sunday night. If you have a chance do go and check out Silo and Flank, you won’t be disappointed.

Flank, after 6 months being housed at The Royal Soverging on Preston Street, Brighton, is moving on to The Cow in 7 dials, even closer to my place!  Flank at The Cow will open its doors on Friday 1st of April and they’ve also mentioned new ideas and concepts that could happen once they’ve moved in!

You want to find them?

Silo – Upper Gardner Street, Brighton.

Flank – The Cow, 7 Dials from 1st April. 

Happy eating and drinking.

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