Thai hidden in Hove. 

In Brighton & Hove we have a giant handful of great places to eat and drink, if you are like me, you like to find new places and a couple of years ago I came across a hidden Thai pop up style restruant in Hove. Hungry Monkey is situated behind Stoneham Park, off Portland Road. If you did not live in the surrounding area, know a friend who did or get told about this place you’d not know it was there! Yoong is from northern Thailand which is also pretty special as a lot of restaurants in Brighton and Hove which do Thai food serve up mostly Wedtern influenced Thai food (nothing wrong with that, still great!) but Northern food is another twist and for Thai food lovers means you will find home cooked Thai food from the north!

House special, slow cooked lamb curry.
Hungry Monkey open their doors for small numbers on a Thursday, Friday & Saturday night running three sittings and bring your own booze and to top it off. If you are happy to have dishes selected for you, Yoong will sort you a feast out for £15 a person – I went by with three friends last Friday night and we went for the £15 ahead option, brought a few bottles of wine (beer for me of course!) and were fed with four delightful starters including spicy patis, Thai roti and steamed vegetable Spring rolls with dipping sauces. This was closely followed by the mains which included my favourite slow cooked lamb curry (pictured above) prawn pad Thai, chilli and lime chicken and plenty of rice and this fed the hungry foursome with food to spare!

Hungry Monkey (image from Facebook)
Hungry Monkey is unassuming from the outside and you would not really know what it is and that’s why this is truly a hidden gem in Brighton and Hove. As well as the pop style restaurant Thursday – Saturday Yoong also runs cooking classes from nursery age up to adults of all skill sets and is committed to doing a lot of work within the local community.
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