Beers here and there.

I’ve not thrown anything up in a while, had a lot on over the last month or so but don’t worry I’ve not put my glass or fork down too often! I’ve had a good few handfuls of some cracking beers over the last few weeks but I think my top two have got to be the MAG BOMB by Abor. These guys are great, I’ve yet to find a beer I was not excited by and to top it they serve up their beers in nice big bottles… what’s not to love! I think shortly behind that would have to be the Sauvinova by Tuatara these guys put massive effort into their beers it seems and it pays off. The Sauvinova was lovely using only the Nelson Sauvin hops which gave it a slightly dry white wine flavour, but only just, and then packed with fruit like pineapple and grapefruit. Both of those were top beers and if you’ve not had em yet, go grab them. Picked both up from Traflgar Wines in Brighton.


Get this one down you, ASAP.

Earlier in the month I managed to get down to the North Laine for their Octoberfest, staff dressed in tradional German gear, stein glasses being waved around full of beer and a few tradional German snacks going around from a giant warm pretzel served with mustard (which was tasty, great beer snack) to some varieties of bratwurst. I missed out on most of the food as I got distracted trying a few beers and the kitchen closed, doh! The North Laine have recently installed some new keg lines on the back of their bar, much like the guys at Brighton Beer Dispensary, which happens to be one of my favourite boozers in Brighton. The German beer for the Octoberfest seemed non existent sadly but they had brought back the Brighton Bräu which is a lovely drop easy drinking with good balance of malts and sweetness and some hops thrown in too. The other beers on offer were good, from the likes of North Monk, North Laine (of course) and Franklins to name a few, all offered on keg in exchange for tokens, which you could purchase at the bar. I thought it was a good night, they had some good beers and everyone was having a laugh, the only thing missing was maybe some more tradional German beer, would have given it more interesting and authentic. The North Laine recently revamped their name and branding and seem to be doing some cool stuff like one off events, food and meet the Brewer nights so keep an eye out for some other bits cropping up!

The coming month is looking a lot more fun already, with a small beer festival going on at the Everning Star in Brighton, if you live in Brighton and you’ve not been you are missing out. The little beer festival is going on next weekend 16-18th October get in there and sink a few beers I know I will be Saturday night.

Till next time, cheers ?


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