An Honest Burger & 7 Beers

Polygon Pop up | Brighton  
It was the closing night for the Polygon pop up in 7dials, this place has had some great stuff going on through the summer and when I heard the closing night had burgers, beers and beer cocktails I knew I had to be there. We got up to the dials early on to a grab a seat, the place was already buzzing, the rain had obviously not put people off. First up for a beer I went for Love Of Work by Siren, tea infused blonde ale and very easy drinking! The guys sorting the burgers were Honest Burgers from London, I’ve not been to one of their places but heard and seen good things, the menu only offered one burger with chips for a tenner, fairly standard for a burger in Brighton unless you’re eating at Burger King. I went to grab another beer, this time a fruity IPA by Summer Time Brewery a first for me and it was good packed loads of flavour and a interesting beer, like fruit juice had met a good beer. By the time I got back to my seat the burger was waiting, cooked medium rare, juicy, soft bun all things a good burger should be and the chips were extra crispy tossed in salt and rosemary which defiantly gave them an edge. The Honest Burger gets top points and is on par with the likes of Burgers Brothers and Trolls Pantry who are both also top burgers. Once the eating was done we made our way through the beers. A good selection from Wild Beer Co, Gipsy Hill, Siren and Summer Wine Brewery to name a few. The guys from Plotting Palour were behind the bar mixing up some beer cocktails which they said they’d come up with just for the night as at their place hidden on Stiene Street they only have one beer cocktail on the list. They all looked good a friend went for a Turbo Shandy Fordham Lager, rum, lime and some other bits and bobs served in a old school tin, very easy to drink. I decided to go for a Cold Pressed Porter, the cocktail used Indian Porter from The Kernel Brewery in London, added to it was some Bond Street coffee, bourbon and some coffee mist all served in a small take out coffee cup. It was a very good boozy coffee to finish the night on! Richard at the Polygon is onto a winner, I hear there might be some plans for indoor pop up events during the typically bad English winter time which I’m sure will be just as fun. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, the guys from Plotting Palour had a beer cocktail which used Honest Pale from Beavertown now I don’t know about you guys but I’ve never seen that stuff on the shelves or for sale so I had to ask about it and apparently Beavertown only brew Honest Pale for Honest Burgers and its sold only in their Burger places. Throughout the summer Polygon pop has had a solid collection of current, talented and imaginative bunch of people involved and I look forward to many more pop ups in the future!  


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